Palo Alto Networks VM-Series consist of VM-100, VM-200 and VM-300. VM-Series allows you to protect your applications and data stored in private, public or hybrid cloud environments from cyber threats with next-generation firewall security and advanced threat prevention features.

All hardware firewall platforms features are also available in VM-Series virtual firewalls providing you secure virtual and cloud computing environments and using the same firewalls policies for perimeter and remote office.

Applications classification with App-ID
VM-Series solutions help to identify applications irrespective of port, encryption and masking techniques. All security solutions are based on the application data instead of port data: permission, interdiction, planning, inspection, traffic shaping. Unidentified applications are classified in order to monitor rules compliance, threat research, create App-ID custom signatures and capture packets for further study.

Distribution of secure access permission rules with User-ID and GlobalProtect
VM-Series support agentless integration with Active Directory, LDAP, eDirectory Citrix and Microsoft Terminal Services. Also integration with NAC is included, wireless and other nonstandard user repositories via XML API. Harmonized rules for users working on Microsoft Windows platforms, Mac OS X, Linux, Android or iOS device regardless of their location are applied.

Threat protection with Content-ID and WildFire
Palo Alto Networks VM-Series solutions allow to block a wide range of known threats, including intrusion, malware and spyware. Also they provide limitation of unauthorized and confidential file transfer and control Internet usage for purposes not related with work.

Solution VM-100 VM-200 VM-300
Max sessions 50 000 100 000 250 000
IPSec VPN tunnels/tunnel interfaces 25 500 2 000
GlobalProtect (SSL VPN) simultaneous users 25 200 500
SSL decryption sessions 1024 1024 1024
SSL incoming certificates 25 25 25
Virtual routers 3 3 3
Security zones 10 20 40
Max number of policies 250 2 000 5 000
Address objects 2 500 4 000 10 000