SOC Prime

SOC Prime aims to change the current philosophy of support and administration of security solutions and to create a universal system of automation for maintenance services in the areas of SIEM, VM, TI and Big Data.

For years the classical approach to technical support was based on dealing with already existent problems; it has always been performed after the problem had already appeared and affected performance, it has always been reactive. To make things worse in most cases the problem could only be identified after it has reached critical status, long after the affected system has either slowed down or outright stopped performing. Quite often by that point the logs are lost and consequences are unavoidable. This leads to several complications such as loss of compliance, inefficient use of people and resources, breaches in security and inability to track incidents.

Predictive maintenance enables revealing a problem before it has entered its critical state and has grown into a security incident or critical failure. Thus transforming a reactive procedure of trying to deal with consequences into a proactive process of eliminating issues before they cause negative impact. Manual tracking of such problems requires a lot of effort and time of the qualified professionals that could be used much more effectively in forensic investigations, analyzing perimeter’s integrity and keeping company’s network secure.

SOC Prime’s solutions were created in order to solve these problems and to reduce the need to use expensive specialists’ time on routine tasks.

SIEM Predictive Maintenance automates error maintenance, sends warnings of their occurrence, analyzes their impact, prioritizes corrective steps and provides detailed instructions on troubleshooting before they grow into a problem and cause considerable damage. A free demo version of the service can be used by following the link.

Integration Framework combines the strengths of the security solutions Qualys and HP ArcSight, and leverages each other’s capabilities to automate data exchange, unite interfaces, provide resiliency and implement application of the real life events.