SIEM Predictive Maintenance

SOC Prime SIEM Predictive Maintenance allows you to transform the outdated reactive procedures of responding to problems into a proactive and efficient process of their prevention. This innovation allows customers to detect security incidents early on and stop them before they can cause any damage.

This cloud-based solution conducts continuous monitoring of SIEM systems 24/7 and automatically notifies when, what, where and how has happened and provides the description of the errors as well as recommendations to address the incident. In other words, this solution immediately knows what is wrong, it predicts that could go wrong and helps to deal with this problem.

SIEM Predictive Maintenance provides daily reports on the state of SIEM health with a detailed description of any incidents during the day, and the relevant recommendations. The solution has been created to help organizations understand the effectiveness of their investment in SIEM, reduce daily administrative overhead and improve overall security structure.