Secpoint Penetrator

With Penetrator you can scan your IP addresses both Local and External for Web, and Full Host vulnerabilities. It comes fully loaded with Vulnerability Scanning Capabilities. It will scan Routers, Firewalls, Windows, Linux, MacOS, IP Telephones any system with an IP address for vulnerabilities.

Another Benefit is that you can setup the Schedule Scanning so it will scan your IP addresses automatically for example every week or every month for vulnerabilities. Via the Statistics module you can then compare from Week to Week or Month to Month and see how your security level is going up or down.

Secpoint Penetrator features

  • Security Audit Features
    — ulnerability assessment;
    — 55.000 + vulnerabilities;
    — unlimited auditing;
    — no software installation;
    — advanced audit options;
    — launch real exploits;
    — security audit any OS;
    — automatic web crawl script;
    — OS independent interface;
    — SANS top 20;
    — malware Detection.
  • Support and Maintenance
    — one year database subscription included;
    — full support included;
    — option for instant replacement hardware;
    — option for instant replacement hardware;
    — quick setup wizard;
    — quick setup wizard;
    — Email alert and logging via syslog;
    — build-in diagnostic function;
    — 2 years World Wide Support.
  • Distribution Security Auditing
    — security audit remote locations from a centralized point;
    — centralized reporting;
    — centralized data storage;
    — centralized control.
  • Security Audit Configuration
    — virtual host auditing;
    — audit specific ports;
    — audit specific web directories;
    — Email notification when an audit is finished.
  • Find Cross Site Scripting, SQL Injection and Web Errors
    — automatic web crawling engine identifies known and unknown files on websites;
    — finds Cross Site Scripting;
    — finds SQL Injection;
    — finds Web Errors;
    — Black Hat SEO Scanner;
    — Google Hack DB.
  • Automatic Update
    — automatic daily database updates;
    — automatic firmware updates with new 
features and functionality;
    — centralized update point;
    — automatic alerts when database is expired;
    — option to upload updates manually via the 
  • Scheduled Auditing
    — automatic scheduled auditing;
    — automatic alert about new identified 
security vulnerabilities;
    — shows new vulnerabilities discovered 
and compares them with old records to show the progress in the security level.
  • Multi User Support
    — supports multiple users to login at the same time;
    — individual user accounts with different 
audit options and IP ranges;
    — individual user security level;
    — admin and regular users.
  • Penetration Testing
    — launch real exploits for Windows, Unix, Routers, Firewalls and more;
    — launch real denial of service attacks;
    — launch distributed denial of service 
via distributed setup.
  • Scalable and Upgradeable
    — all units can be upgraded for network growth via a software license;
    — investment protection.
  • Easy-to-understand Reporting
    — XML PDF and HTML reports;
    — reports branding allowed;
    — option for syslog remote logging.
Features\Models S400 S800 S1400 S1800 S2200
Height Small Form Factor 1U Rack mount Heavy-duty steel 1U Rack mount Heavy-duty steel 1U Rack mount Heavy-duty steel
Power Supply 180W ATX Power Supply. AC/DC90~264V full range 250W ATX Power supply. AC/DC 90~264V full range 460W ATX Redundant Power supply. AC/DC 90~264V full range 460W ATX Redundant Power supply. AC / DC 90~264V full range
10/100/1000 Mbps
10/100/1000 Ethernet interface 10/100/1000 Ethernet interface 10/100/1000 Ethernet interface 10/100/1000 Ethernet interface
42000+Database Signatures Yes Yes Yes Yes
Launch Real Exploits & Denial of Service Yes Yes Yes Yes
Allowed TO Change IP Address Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dual Processor No No Yes Yes
42000 + vulnerabilities Yes Yes Yes Yes
Distributed Security Auditing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Automatic database & Software update Yes Yes Yes Yes