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The RedSeal Platform is a security risk management solution that provides continuous monitoring of the predefined access paths within both corporate and government network environments. Every day, it gathers the configurations of all the network devices: firewalls, routers, and load balancers, building a virtual model of the network by analyzing how the rules on all of these devices work together to defend business assets. In turn, it can validate these access configurations against Governmental and Industry-driven regulations as well as internally defined security policies. The result: precise mapping of network access paths and the contextual impact vulnerabilities have on the network as a whole, allowing IT operations to pinpoint weaknesses and mitigate threats before the next attack occurs.

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As an ArcSight CEF-certified solution, the RedSeal Platform combines network infrastructure access violations to policy, best practice violations and topology aware vulnerability prioritization data with security event information. The events can be sent directly into ArcSight ESM using the standard CEF communication format or via Syslog enabled alerts, allowing increased granularity for incident prioritization based network device or host system location, severity of violation, in addition to whether or not the host is shielded by a compensating control, such as a firewall.

RedSeal Networks is the leading provider of security risk management solutions for cyber attack prevention. Using patented network visualization and predictive threat modeling, RedSeal provides the most complete picture of risk from cyber attacks. The RedSeal Platform delivers the industry’s most powerful network security insights, illuminates network security dark space and enables enterprises to continuously monitor controls. The world’s largest government and commercial organizations use RedSeal to prioritize vulnerability remediation efforts, dramatically cut compliance costs and optimize their security architectures.

Requirements for RedSeal server

OS Windows 2003 or 2008 Enterprise Server 64 bit; Oracle JRE 7 update 6
RAM 8 GB – 128 Gb+, depending on network complexity
CPU 2 cores – 16 cores, depending on network complexity
Disk 500 Gb to 1 TB+