iT-Cube Systems

iT-CUBE SYSTEMS is a full-service provider focused on IT security, which develop needs-oriented IT security solutions for companys, because core business depends on the trustworthiness and availability of the IT infrastructure.

As a full-service provider, company supervises IT project with practical knowledge gained in projects and daily operation over the entire period from planning to implementation to live operation.

Moreover, iT-CUBE SYSTEMS has consistently developed into a manufacturer, successfully positioning its own solutions on the market. Apart from the NAGIOS-based IT monitoring system isyVmon®, company offers agileSI™, an SAP® security intelligence solution for the continuous monitoring of security-relevant events and parameters of SAP® landscapes.

iT-CUBE SYSTEMS is a contact partner for the entire bandwidth of IT security. Customers can avoid unnecessary communication errors, save time and costs, and can concentrate on core business.

iT-CUBE SYSTEMS is headquartered in Munich, Germany, and is active throughout southern Germany and around the globe. Their customers include renowned large corporations as well as medium-sized enterprises of various sectors, such as the aerospace, automotive, financial, insurance, telecommunications, and chemical industries.

iT-CUBE SYSTEMS’s services comprise the fields of Security & Risk Management, Application Security, Network Security and Managed & Professional Services. We focus on: SIEM &Security Intelligence, Security Log Management, SAP Security Monitoring, APT & Malware Defense, Application Firewalling, Database Security, Software Security & Code Analysis, Data Leakage Prevention (DLP), Secure Data Exchange und Managed Security Services (MSS).

iT-CUBE SYSTEMS’s team consists of highly qualify, experienced, and committed technology consultants, system engineers, developers, administrators, and trainers who have one thing in common: a distinct intuition for future-proof IT technology trends.

As the success of complex IT projects always depends on effective management and quality assurance, company combines these in their implementation and apply international standards like ITIL and ISMS.

Proactive management of highly available IT infrastructure necessitates efficient tools and expertise — which are not always readily available. iT-CUBE SYSTEMS operates IT security systems with maximum precision, either in the form of a managed service or with its own personnel on site.

In their SOC (Security Operation Center), company monitors networks on a 24/7 basis with automated tools and smart control algorithms, correlates, analyses, and reduces the flood of log records to significant events, and develops strategies to protect system landscape.