Integration Framework

Integration Framework enables the integration of SIEM and other IT security solutions in order to achieve full synergy of their cooperation. This solution was created to give customers an efficient set of tools designed to maximize the automation, speed and accuracy required to confront the modern cyber threats through a combination of advanced technologies.

Integration of Qualys and ArcSight

Integration Framework automates the creation of ArcSight asset network model, sharing the information about open ports and vulnerabilities of Web applications and checking information security policy adherence. Qualys VM scan module provides an opportunity to build and maintain current network model of any size. At the same time, Integration Framework provides control over the process of asset model creation and over scanning procedures to enrich it.

Integration Framework enables the use of SIEM log processing capabilities to provide a detailed analysis of the Qualys logs: their storage data, classification, correlation and configuration updates. To eliminate white spots in the VM, WAS and PC modules, the solution integrates technical error data for the automatic correlation and alerting of responsible members of the security team about any anomalies. Thus, you can be confident that outsiders did not make changes in the scanning process and the results are not tampered with in order to ensure that the process of vulnerability management is working effectively.