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Free testing of Fluke Networks AirMagnet Enterprise solution!

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IT Guard offers its partners and potential customers free testing of AirMagnet Enterprise. Fluke Networks AirMagnet Enterprise is a solution intended for performance and security monitoring of a wireless network.

AirMagnet Enterprise is a scalable solution for performance monitoring, network attacks prevention and wireless intrusion prevention (WIDS/WIPS).

Using AirMagnet Enterprise allows organizations proactively detect all kinds of wireless threats, maintain corporate security policies, prevent the appearance of performance problems and inspect if WiFi-infrastructure meets the requirements of various regulatory documents.

Due to automatic check technology AirMagnet Enterprise can test wireless connections to the applications servers or Internet, automatically detect the failures and reduced network performance and accurately indicate the source of the problem.

Experience all the benefits of the solution made for performance and security monitoring of a wireless network yourself! Request Fluke Networks AirMagnet Enterprise for a free pilot testing from your IT Guard manager!