FireMon Policy Optimizer

FireMon Policy Optimizer is a firewall-intelligent workflow solution that transforms security infrastructure management by automating the change review process and giving firewall administrators the detailed intelligence needed to adapt network access over time. This web-based system links security teams with policy owners, validates rule justification and quantifies the risk of requested changes for continuous assessment and audit.

Identify Rules for Stakeholder Review and Removal

Identify Rules for Stakeholder Review and Removal

Policy Optimizer allows network security operations to automatically generate requests for review of rules and policies by those teams that initially requested access, unearthing hidden, shadowed or undocumented settings and validating that existing policies do not allow overly permissive access.

Many organizations still rely on inefficient, error-prone manual processes for communication between security teams and officials responsible for network access requirements. Policy Optimizer automates network security review workflow with firewall-specific functions.

Policy Optimizer functional provides:

• Validate current access with business stakeholders.
• Identify and eliminate all risky and overly permissive rules.
• Ensure ongoing compliance with standards including PCI DSS, NERC-CIP, HIPAA, SOX and more.
• Streamline workflow between operations and management.
• Update and document all access policies.

Policy Optimizer features:

• Provides single-interface rules validation for stakeholder review.
• Offers event driven rule review based on security & compliance applicability.
• Identifies rule features (usage, control failures, risk, etc) that trigger removal.