Database virtualization with Delphix represents the next logical step in the evolution of the datacenter. In many environments, database virtualization presents the single largest opportunity for operational simplification and capital cost savings. With Delphix, enterprises can spend less and move faster than the competition.

By combining consolidation and data reduction technologies, Delphix cuts database storage expenditures by over 90% and can even pay for itself instantly if new database storage needs to be procured. Many IT organizations have been forced to do more with less. The ability to slash complexity and time for provisioning by over 90% frees IT personnel to focus on higher priorities and projects with higher returns. The operational gains and elasticity of more copies without added cost can collectively yield a 500% workforce multiplier benefit. Finally, by enabling instant recovery of databases, Delphix acts as an extended recovery layer over existing data protection investments, avoiding millions in downtime costs.

Delphix uses database virtualization to enable agile data management. We replace expensive, redundant hardware with intelligent software that delivers massive productivity and cost gains to applications that run on databases. Agile data management brings three benefits to our customers.

Deliver up to 5 times as many projects, by eliminating wait time for database requests that delay projects. For example, one of companies was able to boost its project output by over 500 percent, completing 11 SAP development, implementation, and upgrade projects last year, with the same staff that had previously been able to deliver only 1-2 projects in the same amount of time. Agile development relies on many, short projects, iterated continuously. Delphix enables agile application development by dramatically reducing database setup, refresh, and teardown time.

Next, pay up to 10 times less for database storage and opex costs. For example, one of the largest banks in the world applies Delphix to 25 of its applications, and has identified clear, hard savings of $18 million a year over the next three years. They expect up to $200 million in total savings when they finish rolling Delphix out to all 700 databases. With more parallelized projects, the demand for – and cost of – database environments will grow.

And finally cut risk by up to five times, once those apps are in production by adding reliability to apps and by recovering faster from complex downtime events with CDP. One of the largest FCMG companies estimates that a significant outage in its SAP system would cost $20 million per incident, and Delphix gives this company a way to recover from logical data loss in minutes, not days.
So, get more application projects completed, faster and cheaper, and make them more successful once they are in production.

Delphix features

Application delivery
Applications support business process, and for digital business, applications are the business process. Because of the importance of applications to modern business, many CIOs include application creation, modernization, or consolidation as key IT initiatives. Application delivery organizations must support the business through timely and quality app releases.
By shortening the time required to provision databases and enabling developer self-service, Delphix can dramatically reduce application delivery time. In one real world sales application, Delphix shortened an application delivery project by 50%, from 12 months to only 6 months. Application development and delivery teams should consider Delphix to cut the time, cost, and effort required to deploy new business applications that run on databases.

ERP development
ERP applications such as SAP and Oracle EBS often form the foundation of an organization’s business process. These powerful applications consume enormous resources – time, cost, and headcount – while supporting modern business operations. In practice, these applications are not monolithic systems, but consist of multiple application modules, each requiring its own resources and expertise – and generating its own data.
Delphix transforms the ERP development equation for most organizations.

By virtualizing the data in secondary copies of ERP databases, Delphix eliminates the time and cost of provisioning and maintaining physical databases.

By enabling self-service database and data mart creation, Delphix cuts the time required to deploy new application modules and reports from ERP data.

By eliminating the need to purchase and provision physical copies of temporary databases, Delphix significantly cuts the cost and time of an SAP or Oracle EBS upgrade.

Acceleration of Master Data Management
Delphix transforms MDM by decoupling data access from the underlying infrastructure. Through virtualization of relational databases, Delphix gives MDM project teams greatly increased data access and project control, while reducing the impact and dependency on shared infrastructure. Delphix software is typically installed on a per-project, per-application basis, and can dramatically shorten the time required to create full, synchronized data sets for integration testing. Once in place, Delphix reduces the MDM team’s impact and dependence on shared IT infrastructure. Through self-service, application engineers can create, refresh, and rewind databases for development and testing.

Continuous Data Protection
Agile data management adds a powerful option to a data protection strategy by enabling significantly faster recovery from application errors that affect key databases. Through its time machine capability, Delphix can quickly restore an application database to any point in time so that downtime is minimized. In the event of an error or logical database corruption, Delphix supports creation of multiple parallel copies of the database, so that an application administrator or developer can quickly determine a safe recovery point. Doing so via traditional backup or archiving technologies alone would be impossible within a short recovery window. In contrast, Delphix enables continuous data protection for databases, making firefighting and recovery fast and easy.
With its unique ability to compress and eliminate redundancy in database storage, Delphix can deliver large reduction ratios—as high as 30:1, so a business can store 30 days worth of recoverability in the space of a single copy. Traditional continuous data protection (CDP) technologies, in contrast, generally require enormous amounts of storage—as much as 7x the original production copy for a similar window of recoverability. As a result, the Delphix efficiency advantage enables far longer retention periods to recover to a known good state following an outage or disaster.

Delphix for Government
Delphix supports the unique demands of government agencies by cutting the time, effort, and risk of application delivery by eliminating the infrastructure and processes required to provision, update, and maintain application databases. As a result, application teams can deliver new systems, functions, and datasets in up to 50% less time, enabling users to perform their jobs more quickly and efficiently. Once those applications are in production, Delphix improves reliability and recovery time from application outages, so that key data and functions are available when needed most.
Finally, by acting as a central point of control for all copies of critical databases, Delphix enables better data security and audit capability through chain-of-custody reporting. Auditors can quickly see which copies of datasets were created, when they were created, who has accessed them, and when they were deactivated.

Delphix Server software installs as a virtual appliance on standard x86 servers.

Supported databases: Oracle 10 & 11 on Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, and AIX.

Storage support: SAN or DAS storage.