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Centrify centralized account management – already in IT Guard product portfolio!

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IT Guard company has signed the dealer contract with Centrify, vendor of solutions for unified user identification for end users and administrators.

Centrify company was founded in 2004 in the USA with headquarter located in Santa Clara, California.

Leader in a sphere of corporative accounts security, Centrify provide protection of confidential data at different vectors of cyber threats. Company is application and cloud services developer for centralized operation of cross-platform systems, mobile devices and ActiveDirectory based applications.

The key Centrify advantage is opportunity of centralized management for all devices of the organization based on one platform.

Centrify solutions are demanded by more than 4000 companies, 40% of which are in Fortune 50 list.

IT Guard is the distributor of advanced IT security technologies that delivers solutions in a field of IT security in Russia and CIS through a partner network. Company product portfolio includes leading solutions of the key world vendors providing protection against today’s cyber threats and industry proprietary solutions and products certified according to the requirements of Russian Federation FSTEC.

IT Guard offers its partners favorable terms of partnership, efficient logistics, high level of service and technical support at the stages of testing, integration and product operation.